Gold & Silver Refining Service and Charges Brampton

Refining Service and Charges

At Max Gold Refining, we have a penchant to serve you with the finest metals recovery, refining and recycling services. No wonder that our charges are in line with the quality of our services. Accurate market pricing along with fast turn-around times is the key to our services.

Here is a detailed list of our services, processes and recovery percentages.

Karat Gold

We return up to 99% – 97% of the metal present during assay.

  • Scrap Jewellery
  • Melted Bars
  • Sprues and casting gates
  • Gold Coins

Diamond and Precious Stones Recovery

Our team can help you recover precious stones and diamonds from jewelry, watches and more. Even gold and silver can be recovered. We guarantee no destruction of the stones during the process. We can also sort out and purchase your diamonds.

Jewelers Bench Material

We can recover up to 96% of the precious metal. We can deal in bench cuttings, bench scrap, grindings and filings.

Low-Grade dust

We can return 85%on metals and up to 93% on gold. Services include floor sweeps, polishing dust, filters and sink sludge.

Platinum & Palladium

Max Gold Refining can return up to 90% Palladium and Platinum.

Silver Scrap

Silver scrap can be returned up to 96% to 90%. Services include scrap jewelry, filings, bench cuttings, melted bars, silverware, silver coins, grindings and casting gates and sprues.

Dental Recovery

We can recover precious metals from dental implants including gold, Palladium, and Platinum.

Electronic Waste, Watch batteries and Watches (Silver/Gold Plated)

We can help you recover gold and silver from watches and electronics.

To know more about our services, please get in touch with us.