Take Loan Against Gold

Loan against Gold

Do you have gold lying around that is serving no purpose? If you are looking for a loan, why not use this gold to take loan against it. There’s no need for business or personal loans.

Come to Max Gold Refining and get a loan against your gold within minutes!

Get instant loan against gold. Max Gold Refining is licensed to give loans against gold. Walk into our store and get quick loans in a matter of minutes. Our staff will evaluate your gold requirements and instantly apprise you about the total value of cash you can borrow.

Why Take Loan Against Gold

  • Avail immediate cash by pledging the gold

  • Enjoy higher loan amounts according to the gold price, net weight and purity

No Hassle, No Credit Checks.

Cash Loan Against Your Gold

We understand that gold jewelry carries a lot of emotional value. But speaking investment wise, gold can be put to right use when you opt for loan against gold. Gold coins and jewelry are the perfect way to unlock the hidden equity potential in the metal to finance your immediate needs. If gold ornaments are important to you, we can help you solve your financial crunch as well as protect the gold dearest to you – by giving a loan against gold.

Get immediate cash supply to solve financial matters.

Use Gold as Loan Collateral

If your gold is lying with you, why not use it as a loan collateral. We offer gold collateral option where you can take loan on your gold, keep it as safe collateral with us and once the payments are completed, you can collect your gold in the same manner as kept earlier. Its absolutely quick, safe and convenient.

We offer the most competitive gold loans in Ontario. Also, your gold deposits are safe in our hands. You can rest assured that its in the same form that you left.

Maximize the gold potential you have. You just have to walk in with the gold, get it assessed and we will offer you the maximum amount you can avail.

Call us for more information on loans against gold.