About Us

About Us

At Max Gold Refining, we have been serving our clients, including pawn shops, jewelry, dental, electronics and mining, through dedicated refining services. Whether it is gold, silver or Platinum, we offer superior services. We realize that the true success lies in cultivating relationships with our customers. That’s why we offer high quality services, transparent pricing and always respect the privacy of our customers.

If you are looking for a metals’ refiner in Toronto that serves as a partner to your needs, talk to our professionals today.

Reputation Built on Trust

Over the years, we have earned the confidence and trust of our clients by giving emphasis to honest returns and transparent pricing. We have come to realize that when it comes to gold refining, it’s the commitment to quality and transparency that matters. Being an honest refinery, we focus on delivering the right returns to clients that are in line with the returns.

Professional Staff

All of our staff is highly trained to deal in precious metals. We have a discretionary policy that ensures that your information is safe and secure. With a deep desire to serve the clients, we make sure that every client gets our undivided attention. At Max Gold Refining, we build experiences.

Mission Statement

We will strive to deliver the highest quality service to each one of our clients. Our staff will operate with honesty, integrity and simplicity with no prejudice with respect to the size of the transaction. Privacy for client information is paramount and we will adhere to the local Ontario rules and regulations while conducting our business.


All the prices, whether gold or silver, are updated regularly on the website from trusted sources. We have built our business on transparency in metals prices.

Max Gold Refining – Honoring your Trust

We are one of the most trusted local precious metals company offering a comprehensive range of metals recycling, refining and minting services. We have worked with many local, small and large, businesses as well as individual clients. Our honest approach means we have regular repeat clients.

Whether you are looking to recycle precious metals or need cash for gold loans, we can help.